Social Media Marketing [Step-By-Step Guide]

social media marketing

In a world full of technology it is impossible for businesses to succeed without social media marketing.

YES…that’s right. It is the low-cost marketing that will connect you with the customers and helps in creating brand awareness.

SMM marketing is a real hand that explores your website on various social media platforms. Just like Internet marketing which is always online 24/7 similar to that SMM also online to get the brand visible.

There is much more stuff that you need to know if you are new to social media marketing.

Go through this article where you will come across about SMM, its importance, best social media marketing strategy, and others.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

SMM Importance 2

Social media marketing uses social media platforms to get connect with their audience to build their brand, grow sales, and get website traffic.

It includes publishing of content on the social media profiles, listening and engaging the followers, examining the results, and organizing social media ads.

The main social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

There are five major pillars of Social Media Marketing:

  • Strategy
  • Planning and Publishing
  • Listening and Engagement
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Advertising

Why Is Social Media Marketing So Important?

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Social media is becoming an important aspect of Digital marketing that provides the benefits to reach millions of people worldwide.

If you are thinking to grab the opportunity of social media marketing then you must know the importance of it.

1: Improves Brand Awareness– SMM will improve brand awareness and increase customers. Sharing articles on social media will circulate them and your brand will get to be known by millions.

2: Cost-Effective– Social media marketing is a cost-effective strategy for advertising. You just need to sign-up, create an account on social platforms and that’s it. You will get a great return on the investment.

3: Engage with Customers– Best social media marketing reason is that you can easily get engaged with the customers, get their attention, and chat with them through comments or messages.

4: Improves Brand Loyalty– Having the brand on social media it will get easier for customers to find the product and connect you. This will improve customer retention and brand loyalty.

5: Customer Satisfaction– Social media is not only for introducing the brand, but you can also use it for promoting a campaign where you will get customers’ satisfaction and provide direct way to get connected with the business.

6: Market Awareness– It is the ability to consider the whole stock and choose the marketplace from a large-scale level. Having market awareness permits to avoid poor decisions and enhance the good ones.

7: Brand Authority– Brand Authority refers to trusted brands that are earned by the customers. Factors the include brand authority is content, online presence, and social media engagement.

8: Increase Traffic– One of the main benefits of social media marketing is that it increases the traffic on your website. Sharing content on social media, you provide users to visit your website for information. The more content the more traffic.

9: Improves SEO Ranking– Calculating ranking in social media have become essential. Just optimizing the website and updating the blog isn’t sufficient, a healthy presence in social media will give your brand credibility, value and will become trustworthy.

Different Types of Social Media Marketing

Types of Social Media Marketing

There are multiple social platforms where you can easily share your content. These sharing sites are categorized into the different parts, have a look at the below listed SMM sites.

1: Social Networking

  • Facebook: Active users 2.38 billion per month
  • Twitter: Active users 126 million day-to-day
  • LinkedIn: Over 500 million users

2: Video Sharing

  • Youtube: Active users 1.9 billion per month
  • Vimeo: Viewers 240 million per month

3: Interactive Media

  • Snapchat: Active users 190 daily
  • TikTok: It does not have specific numbers of user, but has 80 million app downloaded.

4: Photo Sharing

  • Instagram: Active users 500 million day-to-day
  • Pinterest: Active users 250 million day-to-day

5: Blogging/Community

  • Tumblr
  • Reddit

Till now you have known much about Social media marketing. Let’s get ahead to know about their pros & cons.

Social Media Marketing Pros and Cons

Well, as we know that everything comes with some pros & cons and so does SMM in the field of digital marketing.

Table below will show you the pros & cons of SMM marketing.

1: Low cost1: Time consuming
2: Big audience2: Long time in Return on Investment
3: Quick way to reach customers3: Risk of negative publicity
4: Interaction4: Might difficulty to Control
5: Brand loyalty5: No perfect synchrony

Though there are few cons while marketing your brand in social media but there are also few pros that will raise your brand if marketing is done properly.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategy

social media marketing strategy

Here are some of the best SMM strategies that will help you lift your business or website. Go through the points step-by-step mentioned below.

1: Use Chatbots

You might have heard about chatbots. This is a digital tool that helps in communicating and solving the customer’s problems without the need for humans.

Using chatbots in social media marketing strategy will be beneficial as it does not require coding knowledge, it can answer all customer’s questions, can take orders from Facebook directly, and manage payment systems.

2: Create a Modified Experience for the Customers

Using chatbots can also allow you to create a modified experience for the customers. To do so you need to stop linking the advertisement just to the landing pages & create ads to redirect the audience to the Messenger.

Make personal customer experience, boosts the sale, create a fan base to get your business in SMM.

3: Create a Quality Content Marketing

As we know the content is the key to digital marketing. Content marketing is one of the prominent ways of marketing. High quality of SEO content will attract an organic audience; try to create a hashtag to optimize your website.

4: Create a Communal for the Audience.

Followers should know that you are not a robot. Try to communicate with the audience and get them attracted to your brand on social media.

Try asking questions to the audience, gather their opinion, share information about the services & products, like & share some of the audience’s post to interact with them.

This strategy can also be best SMM for newbies.

5: Lift up the Profiles with various content strategy

Audience response faster to image, videos, podcasts, etc. lifting up your profile by using various content strategies will be really helpful.

If the content is just text then make sure to use the image of any other stuff to get the attention of the audience to level up your brand.

6: Use Promotional Tools

Try to create social media specific to the brand. For your new customers tell them about your content.

Add a section for the audience to know about your products or services and most importantly track the data for improvement. This SMM strategy will attract quality traffic.

7: Create Profile on Different Platforms

Create accounts by signing up on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter according to your brand.

Don’t create a profile without thinking about it. In case you want to sell clothes than making a profile on Linkedin won’t help you.

8: Establish Budget

Social media is the best form of marketing when promoting your business online. Establish a budget with the right strategy to reach your targeted audience and make a better connection.

9: Run Channel Campaigns

To engage your audience to run a channel campaign on various social media platforms.

Add an engaging component, link back to landing pages where the audience will gain a lot of information about the campaign. Get a unique and relevant hashtag for the campaign.


That would be all.

I have tried my best in providing knowledge about social media marketing with step-by-step-guide.

SMM strategy will get your business to all the social media platforms if you are looking forward to exploring your brand or products.

Now, it’s your turn to think and make a decision on how you can use social media to get your product all over the internet.

It is expected that you liked this article. Besides this, if you have any question then you can write in the below comment section.

Good Luck…

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