Statue of unity :Unknown facts about World’s Tallest Statue

Statue of Unity was build to give tribute to the Indian activist Sardar Vallabahiai Patel who was know as the first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister after the Independence of our country

World's Tallest Statue , statue of unity in india
Statue of unity: World’s tallest statue

Well this statue is located in Gujarat its known as the World’s tallest Statue with the height of 182 metres and it is located on a river facing of Sardar Sarvovar river on the river of Narmada.

Well the project was first announced in 2010 and the construction was first began in October 2013 by Larsen & Toubro. The cost of construction was about 2,989 crores . And it was designed by Ram V. Sutar which was inaugurated by our Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 31st October 2018 on the occasion of 143th birth anniversary.

About CONSTRUCTION of Statue of unity/ Sardar patel statue

Well it was take 57 months to complete it in which it was included 15 months for planning ,40 months for construction & took 2 months for construction and the total cost of the project was acquired was Rs 2,063 crores which known as the lowest budget  to build any world’s tallest statue. 

The tender which taken by the Larsen and Toubro company on 27th October 2014 and the construction was started on 31st October 2014. 

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Statue of unity: World’s tallest statue

Apart of these company was employed over 3000 workers with 250 engineers for construction of the statue well the outer face is made up of 1700 tones of bronze metals and the construction was completed on the mid of the October 2018 and the ceremony was held on 31st October 2018 apart of these the statue has been described as given tribute to Indian Engineering Skills.

Features of the Statue of unity

Well this statue record the highest record after the the spring Temple Budha in China henan province’. The previous tallest statue in India was the 41 m statue of Hanuman which was located at Paritala Anjaneya temple near Vijayawada in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Well the statue was occupy more than 2 hectares which are surrounded by 12 Km with a long artifical lake which was formed by the Garudeshwar Weir downstream on the Narmada river.

Apart of these this statue was divided in five zones which is only three apartments is allowed  for the public. The first base the level of Patel’s shin which is known as the fist base which included museum and roof. 

The Zone one contains only memorial garden and museum and second zone which is reaches to the Patel’s thigh and third which is extend up to for viewing the gallery at 153 meters.And the Zone 4 which is known as the maintenance area  and the final zone which is comprises only the head and shoulders of the statue.

Even the statue of legs contains the lifts which each lift carry the 26 peoples at a time and allow them to view gallery in just 30 seconds.The gallery which is located at a height of 153 meters which can hold up to 200 peoples at a time.

Tourism in India due to Statue of unity

After the building this statue this is a huge push up in the sectors of the tourism it was recorded over 128,000 tourists visited in just 11 days when it was opened for public on 1 November 2018. Apart of these it was also included in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation as a 8 wonders in SCO list.

How can we get Tickets to enter in the Statue of Unity?

Well the tickets to enter in the statue of unity for adult was rupees 120 and rupees 60 for children’s.  Even there is food court and fast food also available in the monument.

Apart of these there are some things which you kept in mind while traveling the monuments.

What are the things that we should carry and follow?

Keep Soft and Hard Copy

In the time of entering the monument they ask the ticket if you do in online always kept hard copy always with you. And book tickets always 24 hours in advance before visiting it.

Four Types of Tickets in Statue of unity

There are four types of tickets available which is basic entry which was cost 150 for adults and 90 for children’s between 3-15 age in this its include Museum,Gallery,light sound, sound,Valley of Flowers,Bus service. 

Second was Viewing Gallery Tickets which cost was 380 for Adults and 230 for Children’s in this it included viewing of statue gallery located at 500 feet above the ground also offers panoramic view of Sardar Sarvovar Dam. 

Third is Express Entry Ticket which was cost 1030 for-both Adults and Children’s in this its offers all the things. Fourth and last was Foreign Express Entry Ticket its cost was 1530 for adults and 830 for children’s this is only for non Indian citizens and offers all the things.

Restriction on Carrying the Food

Not allowed the carrying the food with you apart of these there are food courts and other fast foods available inside the monument.Well Water Bottles are available within the monument.

Visiting Time and Duration

The opening of statue was 8 am to 6pm from Tuesday to Sunday except Monday. Monday is Holiday average of spending was 1.5 hours was enough. It was suggestion to visit Tuesday to Friday and avoid during the weekends.   


Its a pride to ourselves that there are many foreigners also use to come to visit Statue of unity: World’s tallest statue. Kindly request always help them to know about our culture or any kind of issues. So that they visited again.

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