sudden hair fall/anti hair loss solution

sudden hair fall/anti hair loss solution

Hello guys I’m back with another some important blog to discuss with you about anti hair loss solution, sudden hair loss in women,hair loss at 19 age and sudden hair fall.In 21st century almost every youth facing the problem of hair fall. Now its most common symptoms we seen in our generation because we are so busy in our life that we don’t get enough time to take care of the health. we all are just running for money but one thing we forget that. ” HEALTH IS WEALTH”.

 They are different symptoms of see in boys and girls. Let us discuss why we face the problem  or unconditional  hair fall.


  • DEFICIENCY OF VITAMINS:- Deficiency of vitamins in our body is the big reason for hair fall. Like iron, copper, zinc and proteins. Vitamin-D also the main root-cause for hair fall.
  • USING CHEMICALS SHAMPOOS:- Market is flooded with chemical rich shampoos and its very difficult to choose which is chemical free shampoos and our companies also making fool that their products are chemical free but its false. We easily trust on companies and buy that product as a result we suffer with hair fall, white hair& even baldness also.
  • COME DIRECT  CONTACT WITH SUN:- Most of the today public don’t know that direct sun raise damage our hairs. If you step out of home protect your hairs with mask or you cover with umbrella also.
  • STRESS:- Stress is the main root- cause for your hair fall. Stress hormone such as epinephrine and cortisol can interfere with your natural hair growth which lead to broken the hair and starting your hair fall.
  • Long illness:- If you are awaken from long illness it 100% possible to fall your hairs. Because taking the high amount of dosages causes your hormones unbalanced and causes the hair fall and baldness.
  • SLEEPING PROBLEM:- If you facing the problems of sleeping then its also possibility that you face the hair fall. So if you overcome the problem of hair fall make a habit of sleep for 8 hours even doctors also prescribe to take proper sleep.
  • HYDRATION PROBLEM:- If you don’t drink water then you face the problem of hair- fall. To control the hair fall at least drink 8 glasses of water.

These are the some reasons which women’s experience in during their hair fall. Now see what the reasons for hair fall in man.


  1. SMOKING:- If you are experiencing the hair fall then just see first yourself what activity you are doing which led to be hair fall. Smoking slowly-2 killing inside your body parts. If you are  doing smoking its reduce the hair growth because its reduces the amount of blood that flows to the scalp and this causes a reduction in hair growth.
  2. EXCESSIVE TAKE OF ALCOHOL:- If you are drinking lot a alcohol then you experience the hair fall. Because its reduce the hair growth. Drink in moderate.
  3. EXERCISE:- Research suggested that those man don’t do physical activity they most probably experience the loss of hair. So make habit of doing  Swim, Walk and riding a bicycle for 30 minutes a day helps to balance your hormones balance and reduce the hair fall.
  4. SWEATING PROBLEM:- Man’s generally facing the problem of sweating in their hair which result in hair fall.
  5. HEATING AND DRYING:- If you are practicing doing heating your hairs then your hair damage and starting hair falling. Heat weakens hair proteins, and constant heating and drying can lead to weakness and fragility that causes hair loss.

Above points you understand what are the reasons which both genders face the problems. Now let us discuss which exercise food should be taken to minimize these disease.

 FOOD’S SHOULD BE TAKEN | Anti hair loss solution

  • KIWI

By taking these food in your diet increase the production of collagen which strengths the capilliaries that supply the hair shafts.

Apart from that you included some yoga which enhanced the growth of the hairs.
  5. Apart from that you included some exercises also for reducing the Hair fall.

Important tips to be follow to decrease the hair fall.

Anti hair loss solution
  • Diet also play vital role. So include protein rich food which helps us to nourish the roots of the hair.
  • Avoid shampoo which contain the sulphate because its causes the damage of the hair and result the hair fall,whitening of hair and baldness too.
  • Protect yourself from UV Rays because direct rays of the sunlight damage your hair roots.
  • You can take supplements which helps us to promote the growth of your hairs.
  • Wash your hairs twice a weak with mild shampoos.
  • Don’t brush your hairs wet because wet hairs often broken which led to damage of hairs.
  • Don’t wash you hairs daily because washing hairs daily steal your shinning of the hairs.
  • Wash your hairs with cold water because cold water bring natural shinning of yours hairs. If possible in winter try to wash your hairs with cold water i know its difficult if its not possible then use lukewarm water but avoid to wash your hairs with warm water.
  • Don’t tie your hairs so tightly because its broke down the roots of your hair and causes the hair fall.
  • Wrap your hair with old cloth rather than towel because cloth is light weight enough to soak the moisture but it doesn’t lead to frizz that is caused by the terry cloths.

CONCLUSION:-” Eat balanced food and drink plenty of water, avoid wrong practicing which effects your body. Hair falling or other issues your body giving alarming you that your body is falling ill.

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