21+ Unknown Facts About Ravan|How did Ravana get this Name?

Every Indian is aware of the great Ramayan written by Valmiki. Our ancestors have told us this story and we have also seen it through drama or serial.

Well, this generation might not be aware of some of the unknown facts about Ravan. Yes, you heard me right that’s why I’m here with this article to share some unknown facts.

Ravan_dahan_,Dashara_vijyadashmi_navratri, unknown facts about ravan
Unknown facts about Ravan

So without any delay, let’s get started with this blog and get to know about the unknown facts which might excite you.

Unknown facts about Ravan

  • Excellent Veena Player: He had known an as Amazing Veena player of his time.
  • Brahma’s Great Grandson: Ravan’s father Rishi Visravas the son of Prajapati Pulastya and he was the tenth son of Brahma.
  • Ravana Knew His fate: Ravana very well Know that he will be killed by a Vishnu Avatar then only he could gain moksha. But he didn’t know that Ram was Vishnu Avatar who would give him to moksha.
  • Ravan is Half Brahman and Half Demon: Ravana was Half Brahman and Half Demon because Ravan Father Vishrava was a sage and his mother was a kaikeyi that belongs to demon family.

How did Ravana get this Name?

Ravan’s real name was Dasamukha. Lets know about some more Unknown facts about Ravan.

Our great Sage said that he got his name by Lord shiva. Once upon a time, Ravana visited mount Kailash where he thought of taking Lord Shiva along with him to Lanka forever.

But before he meets Lord Shiva he met Nandi and told Nandi about his wish this to which Nandi said: “Forget this it is impossible“.

Hearing this Ravana immediately starts lifting the Kailash mountain and reciting to chant “Namah Shivaya“. The mountain Kailash starts shaking.

According to the mythology, it is said that to curb the Ravana arrogance Lord Shiva presses his toe on the ground that time Ravana hands get crushed under the mountain and it made Ravana scream for help.

The sound was so strong that it brought an earthquake. As Lord Shiva lifted his toe Ravan recites “Shiva Strotram” that’s when Ravan name was given to him. The name means One who shakes Earth with his cry.

About Ravan’s Family

Ravan was the eldest among his seven brothers and two sisters. I have listed the names of them; have a look at them one by one.

  • Vibhishana: He was known as the great devotee of Lord Ram. He was the minister and brother of Ravana. He always speaks the truth without any fear. Further, he advised Ravan to return Sita Mata to which Ravana banished him from the kingdom.
  • Kubera: Known as the king of the North Direction and Guardian of Heavenly Wealth. He is known as the half-brother of Ravana.
  • Shurpanakha: Sister of Ravana, who provoke Ravan when her nose was cut by Lakshman Ji. We can say that she was the reason behind kidnapping Devi Sita.
  • Kumbini: Older sister of Ravana and the wife of demon Madhu who was the King of Mathura. She was also known for her beauty.
  • Ahiravan: King of the underworld which was ruled by rakshasas Ravana and demon Maya.
  • Khara: King of Janasthan which protects the northern Kingdom of Lanka apart of this, he was also known for his superior skills in warfare. 
  • Dushana: Known as the Viceroy of Janasthan.
  • Kumbhakarna: Great demon in Hindu History. He was known for eternal sleep. It was said that he sleeps for 6 months and awaken for another six months.
  • Sahastra Ravana: Elder brother of Ravana with one thousand armed and thousand heads that lived on the island named Pushkar. He was known as the most powerful brother than his younger brothers.

As we all know how Ravan kidnapped Devi Sita. Still, here is a quick glance at the scenario.

Haran (हरण) of Devi Sita by Ravan|Sita haran story

As per Mythology, it is said that Ravana sends his uncle named Maricha to go in front of Devi Sita in the form of Golden deer. 

By seeing deer Sita said to Ram that “Ram look at the Golden deer I’ve never seen a deer like that before, please get the deer for me.” And then Ram said that I think this looks like a trick and then Sita said No one can trick on you everyone knows about you. You are the hero of light, you are invincible go ahead, and bring that deer for me. 

Ram replied to Sita I think it’s an illusion, he ordered Lakshman to stay and guard Sita.

Ram went off to search the golden deer that was running far and far away from the ashram. Ram knew that there was something wrong so he took the arrow and bow and shout the arrow which landed on the chest of the deer and it appears in its original form.

Lets watch the below video and know what had actual happen on that day? This also comes under unknown facts about Ravan and a question always comes in our mind that Why did Ravan do this?

Sita haran story|Unknown facts about Ravan

He called out Lakshman in Ram’s Voice saying I’m shot, I’m injured, I’m in the forest which is surrounded by demons please help me. 

By hearing the Sound of Ram’s voice Sita said Lakshman to go help your brother to which Lakshman replied Sita “Mata no one hurt the Ram he is the Lords of three World’s this must be tricky“. “How can I believe this is a trick when my husband is calling out for help. Please go and helped him” said Sita.  

Lakshman said Sita “Mata I have been ordered by the Lord to stay here and protects you” and Then Sita said, “I’m queen now and I am ordering you to go and find your brother“. Then Lakshman said, “this is the first time I am going to disobey my brother order“.

Lakshman took an arrow and then he said a Mantra and drew a line in the sand around the house which is called Lakshman Rekha and said Sita not to cross the lines as it will protect her from Evil.

At that time Ravana was standing in the woods, he changed his appearance and came in the old Sadhu form and he said ” Bhiksha Deyi, Sita got Stunned at that time ” What Sadhu will come in this area and ask for Bhiksha. It was her Dharma to greet the sadhu so she went inside and bring some food then that time Ravana entered the gate but unable to enter the hut because of Lakshman Rekha. 

Sita Came to Line and remembered the Lakshman words “Sadhu Baba please further and take this food as I cannot cross this line. To this Ravana replied “what you think I’m a beggar that you will feed me like this, won’t you bring food for me.

Let me sit down and have an asan and glass of water to enjoy the meal! Let me tell you what kind of Sadhu I am. I know you have traveled forest with your husband and his brother, I know that your husband went to search for the deer which you wanted. I see that your husband has been wounded and his brother went to help him. 

If you do not give me food then I’m giving a curse to your husband that he will die. Hearing this Sita Crossed the line to give him food and then when Ravana came to his actual face and then said” Sita you belong to me.” Then he picked her and carried away.

Some Unknown Mantra used by Ravan/Ravana

Apart from this, there is a mantra of Ravan also as per mythological it was said that Ravan knew about some powerful mantra like the one I have mentioned below:

Laam Laam Laam Lankaadhipatye leem leem leem Lankesh Loom Loom Loom Jiivhaan,

Sheeghra Aagach Aagach Chandrahaas Khaden Mam Shatrun Virdaaray Virdaaray Maaray Maaray Kaatay Kaatay Hoon Phat Swaha!!

Benefits of the above mantra

By reciting this mantra there are some benefits also. If you read Ramayan you will get to know about interesting and so much unknown facts about Ravan.

  • Well by reciting this mantra you can come closer to Lord Shiva.
  • As we Know Ravana got extremely rich by reciting this mantra to attract wealth.
  • Chanting this Mantra brings prosperity not only for you but also for people around you. Well, you can recite this mantra for the financial crisis of family members too.

The places where Ravana is worshipped|Temples of Ravana

Some temples in India are worshipped by Ravana. Let’s Check the names of such temples. This facts comes under Unknown facts of Ravan.

  • Bisrakh: Well this place is believed to be the birthplace of Ravana. In this Region Ravana is work shipped and also said during the Dusshera Ravana is not burn. This temple contains a 42 feet Shiva Linga and a 5.5 feet Statue of Ravana.
  • Kakainda Ravana Temple, Andhra Pradesh: It is believed that this temple is only the temple in Andhra Pradesh where Ravana Worshipped.
  • Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh: It is said that in this temple where Ravana and Mandodari are said to have wedded here only. In this temple, you will found many female deities too.
  • Ravangram Ravana Temple, Vidhisha(Madhya Pradesh): This is the most famous Ravana temples. Even there is a village in Vidhisha which named Ravangram after the King Ravana! It is said that the number of Ravana worshipers visit this temple to worship him. Even this temple has a 10-foot long statue of King Ravana. 

Devotee of Lord Shiva|unknown facts about Ravan

As everyone is aware that Ravan is known as a great Bhakht of Lord Shiva. It is said that there are many temples of Lord Shiva where Ravana is worshipped for the devotion of Lord Shiva. It also said that Ravana also recites the Shiva strotram.

Have a look at this video and know about unknown facts about Ravan.

unknown facts about Ravan

Story behind Dussehra|Why Dussehra is known as Vijaydashmi?

Dussehra is known as the Vijaydashmi which is important for Hindu families across the country. This festival represents symbolic imagery of darkness losing to light. 

Ravana_dahan_,Dashara_vijyadashmi_navratri, Unknown facts about Ravan
Unknown facts about Ravan

After devoting nine days Navratri for offering prayer to Maa Durga. On the day of Dussehra Ravana was burned. Even various cultures programmed are conducted in different parts of the country in which enacting the story of Ramayana in a drama format. 

Do you know that the tallest Ravana statue is built-in Haryana which is 22 feet tall and required 150 labor & 12 hours to complete it. These are very unknown facts about Ravan that you must know about all.

What this Story taught us?

This story taught us that whether we are educated or devoted to any of the lords when we enter the stage of proud, grief just remember that the end is near to you. It also teaches us that there are so many unknown facts about Ravan which can’t be explained in a single blog.

Utilized your Knowledge in the right direction and never too pride of what you have.

I hope you liked my article and get to know some of the unknown facts about Ravan.

Thank you!

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