What are the foods to keep liver healthy?

Hello! Everyone today i’m here with you to discuss how to keep your liver healthy and strong. 21st century denoted with so much hectic life everyone is running for money,no time to take care of your’s life, even no time to eat their food on time as a result they are surrounded with lot’s of disease. The money which they earn by their hard-core all be invested directly or indirectly to cure the diseases. So if you want that your hard-core earning is invest in good things rather than hospitals bills.

What are the foods to keep liver healthy?

You have to change your daily routine. Well liver is like a football .Give time to yours body also because your body also need care. So today my topic is What are the foods to keep liver healthy and how can we keep healthy our liver “forever just follow the simple steps in your life.

What are the steps to keep liver strong and healthy?

Keeping liver healthy is also a important for us because its most complex which naturalize protects yours body from the virus which may hit your body and damage your cells. Liver is the longest organ of the body its weight was 0.11 gm.Its also help us to dispose the toxins, regulates and proper functioning of thyroid glands, helps proper digest of vitamins which may you eaten through the foods, helps to maintain the proper functioning of cheleostral,helps to fight with dangerous viruses, and also helps us to drive proper sex hormones.

You get shocked when you will know about that liver is the only organ in our body which itself regenerated so without having risk you donate some part of the liver but before donation it your liver may be strong and healthy. Now lets have look what should we do to keep your liver strong.

What are the 7 tips to improve liver function?

  1. REDUCE EXCESSIVE TAKEN OF ALCOHOL:-  If you want that your liver may live long then you ditch the excessive taken of alcohol. Alcohol not only damage the liver its also damage the other organs which you not yet now but in present that disease take a monster phase that time you can’t do anything. You take it in moderate. You know if you sip the glass of wine or beer the cells of liver getting struggles to process it. If you drink excessive the fat deposit on the liver which often called fatty liver and also causes the liver cancer.
  2. AVOID FRIED FOODS:-  You may be shocked that eating fried foods also cause the damage of the liver because the oil which you eat its deposit’s on liver and making layer of that .which is disturb the functioning of the liver. keeping healthy diet is a well-being.
  3. MAINTAING A HEALTHY DIET:-   Research had suggested that keeping healthy weight is good for the liver. Research also suggest that people who are above the 50’s are either overweight or obese.If you have excessive weight then its disturb your insulin tolerance which lead to fatty liver. So try to keep your weight healthy and regular check the yours body weight.
  4. PRACTICE OF DRUG:-  If you taking a drugs its adversely effect not only liver but yours whole body which you may not imagine about that. You get shocked that know that taking herbal medicine also cause the damage of the liver. In there its not mean drug which govt. banned if you are taking simple medicine of cold its also a drug. So before taking it consult your doctor.
  5. REMAIN HYDRATED:-  Hydration played a critical role for proper functioning of the liver. Its recommend to drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. If you don’t drink water which helps us to thickness of the blood. And liver helps us to flittering the blood and thickness help ability to detox. Water also help us to maintain the fluid content of the blood.
  6. PRACTICE SAFE SEX:-  Practicing safe sex also helps us to keep your liver healthy. Well there is 5 types of virus A,B,C,D,E and C,D,E is the most dangerous virus for the liver. Hepatitis B,C can be transmitted through unprotected sex or having sex with multiple partners.
  7. PRACTISING PROPER BALANCED DIET:-   Proper balanced diet plan play a critical role not only the liver but proper functioning of other body parts also. Liver foundation suggest that taking high satured fat( White bread, White pasta) which lead to damage the liver for long term so avoid it or take in limit.     

Liver played an critical role in the functioning.Let us have look what the function of the liver.

What are the top major functions of liver?

  • Regulates the body proteins which you eaten like vitamin’s etc.
  • Its cleanse a blood
  • Balance the many hormones like sex hormones
  • Helps to maintain the body cholestrol
  • Supply of body fuel which is most important
  • Production of bile which is most important cruical to throw the toxins of yours body and helps us to aids of digestion.

Now above the points you better understand what steps taken or functioning of the liver now lets have look which food should be taken or avoid for keeping your liver strong.

What are the best diet to keep liver healthy?

  • DRY-FRUITS(Almonds).
  • Home-Made fruit juices
  • KALE

TIP:-  If you want that your liver may live long just  follow the simple home remedy. Just soak 5 raisins or maukana’s before going to bed and morning eat those raisins along with water this simple remedy keep your liver healthy live longer.

What are the things that should we avoid for a healthy liver?

  • TEA

By adding exercise or practice some daily yoga postures also lead to healthy liver. let’s have look

Yoga which can make our liver healthy?


POINTS TO REMBER:- If you practicing a yoga or other exercise before that you fist do warm up because to prevent any injuries of your’s body. Always remember focus on your breathing. and after finishing the exercise drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins of your body which present in your body. 

What are the symptoms of unhealthy liver?

If your lungs are not working properly then your body shows some symptoms. These are like these:-

  • Yellowish-eye(often called jaundice)
  • Pale stool
  • Dull face
  • Vomitting
  • Itching skin
  • Dark Urine colour
  • Itchy skin
  • Swelling in legs&skin
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Weight management issues
  • Bloating
  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding from tooth

What are the 4 stages of liver damage ?

  • INFLAMMATION:-   The first stage of the liver damage is the your liver starting inflammation the first function of the liver is the detoxify. This can cause your liver is enlarge. There are many factors which leads to be inflammation like excessive drink of alcohol. If you suffer from the inflammation you noticed heat and pain on the liver side.. If you detect these in early stage then its possible to be cure.
  • LIVER SCARRING:- Second Second was the liver scarring. When the liver function drops,toxins and fat will continue their build up in the liver. Don’t be take tension if you seek doctor at right time.
  • CIRRHOSLS:-   At this point we have to be noticed that. Cirrhosls can lead to many complications like tiredness,fatigue,weakness,itching,weight loose,bloating. Cirrhosls occurs many complications like liver cancer. Treatment can also be done if your doctor detect at right time your disease.
  • LIVER FAILURE:- This is the end stage of the liver where patient detect with liver failure. In this yours liver lost all ability to functioning properly and unable heal. If your liver in failure postion then its have one option to transplant. In the case of liver failure you may notie confusion occur,loss of appetite, diarrhea. To be dont happen you regulary checkup as liver failure detect at yours first failure like inflammation or fibrosis stage through an ultrasound or x-ray of your stomach. If your detect at only first stage you may be treated properly and you soon well.

What are the test easily detect the liver problem?

There are the some test which are available in the market which easily detect the liver problem. In Market A liver functioning test available(LFT) through which we can see the proper functioning of the liver. Through this test we detect also that if there is active damage ofliver or not. Before you go for test always remember that test depend only on the patient history. Diagnosis of hepatitis C. In recent year replace the need of liver biopsy. 

What are the things that are measured in liver test?

TOTAL PROTEIN:-  It is the simply combination of the proteins that present in yours blood. Generally there are 2 types of protein:- albumi,globulin.

ALBUMINI:-  Its gave a nutrition status. But it can reduced due to liver damage or kidney damage because albumini made in liver which tend to drop the level of cirrhosis.

GLOBULIN:-  Level of globulin indicates the how much of antibiotics to be taken. Generally measures raised due to liver damage or long standing liver damage which you may not know when cirrohosis exist.

BILIRUBIN:- It is break-down of the red-cells. It is generally yellowish pigment responsible for jaundice. It can raise due to many liver disease. e.g. gaalstones. You may detected illness elevated bilburin level  indicate the acute illness.

GGT:-  Is an enzyme produced in bile dut illness. It is most sensitive test which can detect the liver damage or dosage of drugs.

ALK PHOS:-   Its refer to the Alkaline Phosphatase. Its produced in the bile ducts,intestine,kidney,bones. These rise because of bone disorder.

ALT:-   Is an enzyme produced in hepatotctes. ALT is increased when hepatotctes are damaged or die. An accurate estimate of liver cell damage can only made by liver biopsy.

AST:- ( Aspartate Transaminase):- Is similar to ALT which is the mention above but less specific for liver disease. It does not tend to be higher than ALT in case of alcohol-related liver disease.

PLATELET COUNT:- These are the smallest of all blood cells and helps to clotting of blood. The platelet count can be lowered- this can be occur due to many conditions like liver disease.

ADULT RANGE/NORMAL RANGE:-  It make sense when comparing result to others. Ratio was developed by Hepatitis NSW. Apart from that many peoples detect the fatty liver. Let us discuss below.

What is FATTY-LIVER and their symptoms?

Fatty liver  is gennerally occurs fats which was developed fat around the liver. They are generally 2 types of fatty liver:- Alcoholic liver,non-alcoholic fatty liver.


NOTE:-Generally fatty liver does not show any Symptoms. Sometimes the patient detect with pain in the upper right abdomen and heavy weight loss.


The Risk which occured during the fatty liver is:-

  • Fatty liver also our consuming too much alcohol


It can be Diagnosis by generally blood cells. In it biopsy of liver is the only test that can diagnose by fatty liver. Other test also include like Ultrasound.


Generally doctors still now date unable to detect why fatty liver occur. Well some research suggest that malnutrition is the leading problem, drugs, and complication of pregnancy. Although fatty liver also occur by excessive use of alcohol.

What are the treatments to keep our liver healthy?

Treatment of fatty liver also available if you proper follow.

  • Quit smoking:- Having smoking not only kill the liver but also damage others parts also. So its advice to ditch the quit smoking.
  • Avoid medicine:- Avoid medicine without consult the doctor it cause big damage to liver in future. Such as some steroids.
  • Exercise:- Exercise is the mantra for all the disease so make the routine for doing regularly exercise.. Exercise show the graph those who do regularly exercise has reduce the insulin.
  •  Ditch Alcohol:-   Keep in mind if you want that your liver remain healthy then you make full stop on drinking Alcohol. If u dink egular its result to cirrhosis or alcohol hepatitis.
  • Maintain sugar level :- Maintain sugar level also important for keep your liver healthy

TIP:-  For supplementary you can also add liv-52 to just up the pumping the liver healthy.

CONCLUSION:-    Eat healthy and clean food. You often heard English idioms that “health is wealth. If your health is not with you then whats the use for earning money. Stay healthy and enjoy the life. In these case you don’t be panic just seek to doctor for right treatment.

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