What is Cyclone/11+ facts about natural disaster cyclone

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cyclone natural disaster

What is Cyclone and types of Cyclone?

A Cyclone is a storm or system of Winds that Rotates about a center of low atmospheric pressure that rotates at a speed of 20 to 30 miles an hour then brings heavy rainfall.

What are the types of Cyclone?

There are Mainly Two types of Cyclones.

  • Mid- Latitude Cyclone:-This Cyclone caused of Winter Storms in the middle latitudes.
  • Tropical Cyclones:- It is also Known as the Hurricane.In which Anticyclone is a opposite of a cyclone.

Well Tropical Cyclones are classified in Four Categories which are namely like this:-

  • Tropical Storm(TS).:- Travel the wind upto 62 to 118kph.
  • Tropical Depression(TD).:- Travel wind of up to 61 km per hour.
  • Typhoon(TY).
  • Super Typhoon.

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Tropical Cyclone:- This Type of Cyclones are most familiar to these because these type of cyclones are occurs in tropical ocean region. In this Hurricanes and Typhoons are come under.Well Hurricanes are found in Atlantic and Northeast Pacific. And Typhoons are found in Northwest Pacific.

cyclone types

Types of cyclone according to Wind Speeds

Cyclones also categorized according to wind speeds which cause the damage.

  • Category 1:- In which wind speeds between 90 to 125 km per hour. Its Damage tree and Houses.
  • Category 2:- In which wind speeds between 125 and 164 km per hour.It Damages Tree,crops and houses.
  • Category 3:- In which wind speeds between 165224 km per hour. It damages,houses,crops and uprooted trees.
  • Category 4:-In which wind travel in speed of 225 to 279 k per hour.It Damages cities and villages.
  • Category 5:- In which wind travels over 280 km per hour. Its widespread damage.

Polar Cyclone:-This types of Cyclones occurs in polar regions like Siberia, Greenland,Antarctica. It is usually stronger in Winter months.They also occur in those area where they aren’t populated.Its damage in minimal.

Meso Cyclone:- ‘Meso means Middle well this is considered as the midpoint between one type of storm.

There are also known as the Cyclone Warning which are listed below.

What are the types of warning of cyclones?

There are two types of warning of cyclones.

  • Cyclone Alert:- Is issued in 48 hours.Its adverse weather over the coastal areas.
  • Cyclone Warning:- Is issued in 24 hours in advance.

Now Check DO’S and DON’T during cyclone which are listed below:-

DO’S and DON’T in Cyclone natural disaster

  • Ditch condemn Buildings.
  • Keep ready made foods in term of emergency.
  • Try to ignore rumours news and not pass to others.Its create a panic situation.
  • Always believe in government information and pass to others.
  • Always monitoring the emergency this helps you to keep cyclone ready.
  • Secure loose tiles carry out repair works for doors and windows.
  • Always keep torches handy.
  • Switch Off the electrical mains of the house.

Government steps to control the Cyclone

Apart of these what the government takes steps to control the measures during the Cyclone.

  • Well Government delivering accurate and effective cyclone forecast and warning.
  • Government also construct cyclone warning centers.
  • Government also make arrangement to relocate people during the cyclones.
  • Government also provide information about a cyclone,fisherman,ships,ports,airlines through their agencies.

What should we do after Cyclone Hit?

After Cyclone Hit.

  • Don’t Make unnecessary calls.
  • Listen To local radio for officially fresh news updates.
  • Even Don’t go outside until officially said it safe.
  • Even Don’t go sightseeing.
  • Stay away from damaged bridges,,trees,power lines and even don’t enter in flooded water.

In previous year in India heated a cyclone which was named was fani on 3 May.Over the South-East and adjong south-west Bay of Bengal. It is prounced by Foni.Wind was travel of 115 miles per hour.Which is believe that is is strongest storm to hit in India in 20 years.

Countries where cyclone most hitted| Impact of cyclone in all countries

Now check Cyclone prone countries where cyclone most hitted.

  • China:- It recorded 127 typhoons which made landfall in 1970.Latest Typhoon which was held was Typhoon Mujigae which hit in 2015.
  • Japan:- The yphoon season was year around.The strongest Typhoon was recorded in the year of 1959 which named was Typhon Vera the travel of wind was 160 mph. The most recent typhoon was typhoon Goni which was recorded in the August 2015.
  • Mexico:- The strongest Hurricane was recorded was Hurricanes dean 2007,Anita 1977,and Janet 1955. The speed of Cyclone was 175 mph. And the latest was recorded Patricia in 2015 which was travels speed was 150 mph.
  • Australia:- The Cyclone was recorded in the month of November to April.The most strongest cyclone was recorded in the year of 2006.The wind was traveled in the speed of 180 mph. This Cyclones wiped thousand squares of forest but no injures reported.The most Cyclone was recorded in the year of 2016 named was Tropical Cyclone Stan had wind of 80 mph.
  • Taiwan:- Season of Cyclone was recorded around the year.Most strongest typhoon was recorded in the year 1959 which was named was Super Typhoon Joan. Traveled with the speed of 185 mph.It caused 11 deaths and damaged r million of crops.Most recent Typhoon was recorded in the year of 2015 which was named was Typhoon Dujuan speed of traveled was 115 mph.
  • Cuba:-The season of cyclone was recorded in the month of June 1-November 15.The strongest cyclone was recorded in 1924 travelled with the speed of 165 mph.90 peoples  lost their lives and destroy tobacco and fish vessels.Recent cyclone was hit in 2012 which was named was hurricane sandy with traveled speed of 115 mph. Well Cuba has recorded 79 hurricane landfalls and 15 hurricanes in the year of 1950.
  • Madagascar:- The season of Cyclone was recorded in the month of November-15 to April 30. Strongest Cyclone was recorded in the 2004 was intense tropical cyclone Gafilo which traveled speed was 155 mph. It caused 235 deaths. Most Recent cyclone was hit in 2014 which name was Very Intense Tropical Cyclone Hellen it was weakened land damage was expected less.
  • Vietnam:-The Typhoon season was recorded all round.The most ever strongest typhoon recorded was in 1993 lola ,Zack in 1995,Agnes 1984 with travelling speed of 115mph. Most recent typhoon was recorded in 2014 was Typhoon Kalmagei .
  • Philippines:- Typhoon season was recorded around the year. But peaking month is Mayto November.Strongest Typhoon recorded was Super Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 with winds of 195 mph. And most recent typhoon recorded in the year of 2015 which was name Typhon Melor travel with the speed of 145 mph.

Impact of Cyclone in India

  • Andhra Pradesh.
  • West Bengal.
  • Tamil Nadu.
  • Odhissa.
  • Poducherry(UT).

CONCLUSION:- Well in this circumstances follow the rules and regulations which government issued.

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