Kerala boat race : 21 best facts snake boat race in kerala

Kerala boat race : As You Know Kerala is Known as “God’s Own City”. Famous for rich in customs,traditionally and also famous for boat festival all over the India.

Kerala boat race

Well Vallam Kaali Known as Traditionally boat race which was specially held in Kerala it is form of canoe racing and it is usually conducted  in harvest season when their Festival Onam celebrated. Well Valam Kalli also Known as the Snake boat race and Each team spent 6 lakhs rupees for Nehru trophy.

Kerala boat race, snake boat race kerala

is known as major tourist attractions Hence there are other types of boat which are participated are Odi Vallam,Veppu Vaalam, Churulan vallam,Kochu vallam,Vadakkanody vallam. Well the Nehru Trophy Boat Race is a popular Vallam Kaali which was held in Punnamada Lake near Alappuzha Kerala.

Well the Snake boat is about 30-35 meter (100-120 feet)long with 64 or 128 peddlers abroad.


Lets know about History about this.

History of Kerela boat race

During the early 13th century war between the fedueal kingdoms of Kayamkulam and Chembakaseery,King Deveanarayan of Chembakaseery which construction of war boat known as Chundun Vaalam.Well the technical method of creating these snake boat was around 8 centuries and it is still used. Enjoy the following video for Boat Race.

Well it is mainly conducted during the harvest festival of onam in autumn season. The race of Chundun valllam is known as the major event. This race also included in traditionally paddled longboats of Kerala and major tourist attractions of state.

What is Vanchipattu?

Well this is the form of poetry in Malyalam Lanuage commonly which was used during Vaalam Kali and related festivals. Ramapurathau Warrier is known as the to be pioneer of vanchipattu.

Now lets check some major and minor events of Vaalam Kali.

Major Events in Kerela boat race

  • Nehru Trophy Boar Race in Punnamada Lake,Alappuzuha.
  • Kandassankadavu boat race,Thirssur.
  • Pampa Boat Race in Neerattupuram.
  • Kumarakom Boat Race.
  • Kallada Boat Race in Kallada river,Kollam.
  • President’s  Trophy Boat Race in Karunagappaply,Kollam.
  • Piravom Boat Race in Piravom.
  • Thazhhathanagadi Boat Race in,Kottayam.
  • Sree Narayana Boat Race in Karunagapply,Kollam.
  • Gothuruth Boat Race in Periyar, Ernakulam.
  • Triprayar Boat Race in Conolly Canal, Triprayar ,Thrissuar.
  • Arnamula Uthrattadi Vallamkali at Arnamula,Pathannamthitta.

Minor Events are Like this:-

  • ATDC Boat Race,Alappuzuha.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Boat race,Pulinkunnu.
  • Mahatma Boat Race,Mannar,Allapuzuha.
  • Kottapuram Boat Race,Kottapuram.
  • Indra Gandhi Boat Race in Kochi Lake.
  • Kattampally Boat Race,Kannur District.
  • Uthara Malabar Boat Race,Thejaswini Lake,Kasaragod.
  • Karravattu Boat Race.
  • Biyyam Kaayal Boat race,Ponnani.
  • Madayi Boat Race,Pazhyangadi River, Pazhyangadi,Kannaur District.

What is Chundun Vallam?

Well Chundun Vallam is known as the Kerala Snake Boats and Known as the one of the icon of Kerala culture which was used in Vallamkali or Boat Race.

Now check the Capacity and Usage of this boat.

Capacity & Usage of Boat made in Kerala Boat race

Well this Boat is commanded by Village leader and under him there will be three main peddlars which controls the moment of boat with a 12 foot long(3.7 m) there will be 64 peddlars which represent 64 art forms.

And there will be around 25 singers in a row at a middle between the paddlers. In the middle of the second half of the boat is a platform of 8 people to stand from where cantor will lead the song.

Traditions and Customs

Well each Boat belongs to a village and the Villagers also workship that boat like a deity and only men touched the boat and show respect with barefooted and repair works is done by the village carpenter.

Naval Architecture

Well these boats is vary from 100 to 138 feet in length it is resembled a snake with its hood raised.Well the boat are a good example of ancient vishwakarma’s prowes in Naval architecture.

Aranamula Kerala boat race

Well the Aranamula Boat Race is known as the oldest river in Kerala in the South Western State of India which is held during Onam Festival well its take place at Aranamula near a hindu temple which dedicated to Lord Krishna and Arjuna of Kerala State. 

Constructions/Kerala boat race

These boats are about 100 to 138 ft in length. Its hull is built of planks of 83 feet in length in six inches wide.

Care of Boat

Well every year the boats are oiled mainly with fish oil coconut shell and carbon to keep the wood strong and boat slippery in the water.

Arnamulla Temple in Kerala

It is situated on the banks of the river Pampa in Kerala.This family is dedicated to Lord Krishna.This temple is the years of 1700 years.

Festivals/Kerala boat race

Well this festival rixh in tradations in Arnamula Temple every year. Well these are Solemn religious custom and there were no competive races.

Palliyodamas(Snake Boat)/Kerala boat race

Well this is Unique Snake boats.It is decorated with Golden Lace there will be flag and two or three ornamental umberallas.

What is Uthrittahi?

It is known as the anniversary of the installations of the idol which was constructed in the South by Pandavays then that day there will be a snake boat regatta in front of the Arnamula temple.

Kallada Boat Race

Well this is popular is known as the Vallam Kali which was held on the Kallada river on 28 days after Onam. Well this is 12 Snake Boats including 5 Irruttukhuti. And winners also awarded with Kallada rolling trophy and 100,000 50,000 and 15,000 as first to fourth places and 50,000 will be given to each team as bonus.

Origin of Boat Race in Kerala/Kerala boat race

Well the first Prime Minister Of India Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru visited in Kerala 1952. Nehru denoted a rolling trophy which will awarded to the winner of the race.Well these snakes boats are 100 to 120 feet long canoes which was constructed in wood which is locally known as Aanjili Thadi. it has carrying capacity of 90 to 100 rowers.Well the Chundan Vallam or the snake boat which holds the record as the biggest vessel which was used for sport purpose.

Apart from Kerala boat race renting a houseboat is also unique experience for every tourist to stay.Its also offered Lunch,Breakfast,snacks,dinner to their passengers.

CONCLUSION:-  Well every state have unique thing which brings beautiful to state. I hope you liked my article on Kerala boat race. Kerala boat race is one of the best festival celebrated in Kerala where most of the tourist use to go to see Kerala boat race.

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