WhatsApp new update 2020|same number on multiple phones

WhatsApp new update:-Hello friends in this blog We will discuss about ” WhatsApp new update|Now you can use the same number on multiple phones” and about Whatsapp history and new feature of Whatsapp.

Hello! Everyone today I’m here to discuss with some technology information. Soon Whatsapp is ready to launch their new function. Now you can use Whatsapp in multiple numbers. I know its a most a dream project for the users.

Whatsapp new feature , Whatsapp history and latest whatsapp update

Well Whatsapp is the most famous application use in world-wide. It is easy and convenient to use. With the help of Whatsapp you can do texts,make calls an video calling and quality of video calling is also good as compared to other e-platforms.

Headquarters of Whatsapp are in California. And only limited of employees are gaving service to this application which is 50 but not confirm. Well before the what the exact function provided by Whatsapp. You may know the little bit history of this platform.

History of Whatsapp

Whats App is an American site which founded owned by Facebook. Well this application is run on mobile, desktop with the connection of yours internet. It is founded in January 2009 by Brion Acton and Jan Koum both are friends and the employer of yahoo company.

They both decided to leave the job in 2009 and both gave some time in America. At some they give application to Facebook but both are rejected. In December 2013 Whatsapp claim that over 15 million users use these application.

On February 19 2014 Facebook make an announcement to buy an WhatsApp for around US$19 billion. And day after Announcement users experienced loss of service and show anger all over the world through social-media.

In February 2014 Mark Zuckerbeg CEO of Facebook said that Facebook closely related to the internet org.  A big announcement made by Koum just after purchasing a Whats App that they are soon come with new feature which was voice call and with new feature also sold also.

On February 2017 WhatsApp come with new feature which was status feature which was more similar Facebook and snap chat stories. At this date also denoted the celebrations of 8th birthday. Co-founder of Whats App Brion Acton made an announcement in September to left the company and establish their own business which was signal foundation.

In January 2018 Whats App launch the business to small business group. Its a great step taken by the Whats App community.  Co-founder Jan-koum made an announcement in April 2018 that had leaving a company But later-on Whats-App make an Announcement that they replaced Jan-Koum by Chris-Daniels. In September 2018 Whats App again come with new feature which was group video-call.

In 2020 Whats App working With new feature which was dark mode for Android and I phone.

Facts about Whatsapp|WhatsApp new update

On May 2019 its a bad news for Whats App was that it Whats App is hacked by spyware which are group of Irselis. On November 2017 Whats App again come with new feature which is that users delete a message before framing a message.

The New York Times on February reported that Facebook was hoping to succeed where Bit coin was failed to develop cryuptocurrency. And in this project involved 50 or more engineers work under the directions of Pay Pal president David Marcus.

WhatApp reported in December 2015 that Islamic terrorist uses a WhatsApp to attack the November 2015 Paris Attack. Even ISIS also uses the WhatsApp for sex slaves.

Turkery banned the Whats App following the Turkey China and Iran also. Whats App registered on January 2020 5 billion on installs google Play. Whats App reported on February 2020 over 5 billion users. Israel is the only country which has the Whats App strongest market. With all these Achievements Whats App is Again ready to launched with new feature. Now what is this new feature let us look.

Whatsapp New update and Whatsapp new features

WhatsApp reached globally because of their dynamic feature like video call,audio call,deleting messages and even business also. And have more than 5 billion users.

but apart of that we know that they are unable to handle multiple devices for the same account but don’t be sad soon this feature is going to be added as the team of Whats App is working on it. Now wait is soon to be over to use this feature as soon as possible.

Well  this feature is still under-construction and can’t be manually enabled. But its surely to be flagship to this project. So just wait little more Whats App soon to be give good news to the world wide.

Apart from that there are more messaging apps which are alternative to Whats App which you may know or not. Don’t take time let’s have look.

ALTERNATIVE APPS in place of Whatsapp

  • SKYPE:-  Skype is the another important messaging app founded in 2003 by Niklas Zennstrom. Most of shocked that real name was Skype was Skyper but r was removed for convent of the users speaking. Whats App take the feature of group video calling from Skype only.
  • TELEGRAM:-  Telegram is the another famous messaging app which was used by the world-wide. Well telegram is known as the best-competitor of Whats -App. Well Telegram can be used by multiple accounts at only once time. Telegram founded in Android,IOS,Windows phones,Windows,Linux,web(free). Well telegram come in the year of 1837.
  • WIRE:-  This is an another messaging app which most of us unaware of that its give a beautiful interface. It is bit new among the users but it’s give a unique feature like group video-calling(10 peoples), deleting previous messages. This app found in Android, IOS, Windows, Linux, Web(free).
  • BRIDGEFY:-  In most of the messaging app we face the probelm’s that without internet you are unable to access the messaging but with these app you go offline even if u tracking also use these app they create Bluetooth interfance. Well these provide three main feature like:- people to people,broadcast or mesh mode.This is the best offline messaging app and found in Android and IOS. 
  • KIK:-  KIK is an another messaging app these app is a great app for those who doesn’t use messaging with their personal number KIK worked with yours email-IDE. These provide a features like text messages,emojis,gif’s ,video calling. These available in Android and IOS.

In the above points these are the some messaging app which are alternative to the Whats App so go and check these apps also having a great interface like Whats App.

CONCLUSION:- I hope you liked this blog on “WhatsApp new update”. we very well know that today time most of the work depend on the internet. So its only in your’s hand that whether to use in good way or bad way. And be Aware of the Hackers who always have eye to steal your personal information data.


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