What is WhatsApp pay|Some other hidden feature of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an app that is used by all aged people across the globe. With its dark mode, voice calling, and other features it is more exciting to use it.

Whatsapp pay
WhatsApp Pay

Along with these features, WhatsApp has come up with one more feature that is WhatsApp pay. This feature will let you make payment with ease.

Many people are still unaware of this new WhatsApp feature and if you are among those people then this article is for you.

Here you will get the details about WhatsApp Pay, method of using it, and much more. So, without any delay let’s get started with this article.

What Is WhatsApp Pay?

WhatsApp Pay is known as a Chat payment feature which allows users to make payments via WhatsApp. It was developed by the National Payments Corporations of India(NPCI). It is UPI based payments service which allows you to both send and receive money.

Methods of Using WhatsApp Pay

  • Firstly, open your friend chat screen and then tap the Attachment icon. Then tap on Payments then follow the on-screen steps now it’s set up now you can send money from the chat screen.
  • For sending money the receiver also has to set up WhatsApp Payments
  • Apart from these you can also go back to the WhatsApp Home screen and then send money to UPI ID or scan a QR Code.

When WhatsApp pay Was Launched?

WhatsApp Payment was launched in February 2018 in India in a trial run and a part of that millions of users under a partnership with ICICI Bank on February 7,2020 got approved by NPCI to roll out these payments in a working manner. 


  • Nowadays everyone is using WhatsApp from your Grandfather to local shops owner it is easy to reach in massive numbers.
  • Now don’t carry your wallet with you every time.
  • Don’t be afraid of losing your cash. 
  • Just Take care of your phone.

Some other hidden Features of WhatsApp

Well apart of these there are some hidden features of WhatsApp also lets us know about that:-

Secure your WhatsApp with Fingerprint Lock: 

By this feature you can secure your WhatsApp with Fingerprint unlock this features is use by only those peoples who have their already fingerprints registered on their phone for this you have to go to settings then click on Accounts then click on privacy and scroll down the fingerprint lock.

Read messages without being given way by blue tick

 Many of us do not know about this feature just click on settings then click on Accounts Privacy then click on unread Read Receipts but with this you won’t be able to see if others have read your messages.

Read Deleted Messages on WhatsApp:

 For this download notifications log app.

  • Share Live Location: 

This feature allows the users to share the live location with their contacts. This location is updated on real time location which you can share location for 15 minutes,1 hour or even 8 hours also. Just click on tap the attachment icon in the text input field, Now select the location and then select Share Live Location.

  • Limit Data: 

This feature is also Available to enable this setting just go to settings and then click Data and Storage usage.

  • Pin Conversations: 

By this Feature you keep a particular contact or conversations on top. For this just simply long-press the conservation and then select the Pin icon in the options menu and then select create shortcut option to place the conversations shortcut on your main page.

  •  Mark Messages to Unread: 

If you wish to reply to the messages later just simply long-press the conversations head in the chat tab and select mark as unread messages.

  • Hide a WhatsApp Chat: 

If you don’t want to show your recent talk with whom with this feature you hide your Whatsapp talk just click on long press conversations and then select the Archive button on top with the help of this will disappear from the list.

  • Email your Chat Conservation: 

With this feature you can also email your documents through Whatsapp just simply go to settings then Chat. After that Chat History now select the option to Email Chat Now select the conservation which you want to export using any email app your chat will be mailed as .txt attachment.

WhatsApp Stickers App: 

With this feature you will get best rich stickers like Smileys and GIFs 

Upcoming New Features

  • Business Catalog:- With the help of this feature companies use a digital brochure via Whatsapp App where users browse and purchase directly from here only.
  • Doodle UI and Status Emoji:- It refers to the image editing screen with this you can add emoji on the screen with this new feature you can you also add stickers this update is available in the version of v2.19.106 beta.
  • Reverse Image Search:- With the help of this feature you may identify from fake to real image well this was available on the beta version of 2.19.174.
  • Share Contact Via QR:- With the help of this feature you can share your contact with QR well this version is spotted in the version of 2.19.151.
  • Ads on Whats App:- Well this is announced in the year of 2020 this version is available on the 2.18.305.


WhatsApp growth rate is expanding day by day. And with their upcoming new features it is getting more attention by the people.

Using WhatsApp is no harm but spreading fake news is. So, be careful whenever you share something and try to limit the use of technology.

I hope that you got to know about WhatsApp pay feature that makes the task easier for you. I tried my best to share the knowledge that I have gained.

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